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Have a Look at Hong Kong.

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Sai Kung, near Hong Kong

This isn't Hong Kong. It's Sai Kung, the town 2 miles from the marina. Sai Kung is sort of the Malibu of the area. Actually, this is a photo of the water and boats in front of Sai Kung.

travelling to hong kong by public bus

Let's leave Sai Kung and take a mini bus into Hong Kong city.

a busy street in hong kong

After a half hour trip, here we are.

this hong kong shopping mall in a tall thin skyscraper reinforces that image of sky...scraper.

There are three ways to shop in Hong Kong.
One is to go to a mall. There are hundreds of huge malls here. Let's go into one.

interior of a hong kong shopping mall

Inside the shopping mall

hong kong shopping mall with dramatic open spaces

Above, an alternate view of the shopping mall's interior, showing the dramatic use of open space, white-painted metal, and glass.

inside a hong kong shop
inside a hong kong shop

walking around in a hong kong shopping mall

Or, you can shop at an outlet store. All the name brands are here.

walking around in a hong kong shopping mall

a chinese pharmacy inside an upscale shopping mall in hong kong

Oh, and if spending all your money has made you ill, here is one of the many Chinese pharmacies located all over the city.

Or, you can shop at one of the many street markets in Hong Kong. I think they're the most fun. You can visit one on the next page.

A footnote: I went to a traditional Chinese opera one night and asked what it was about. No one knew! So, I enjoyed the music, the costumes and the actors.

chinese opera in hong kong

...Or... is this a store clerk saying "Sorry, sir, that you've waited on line so very long in our beautiful mall, but we don't give discounts based on how long your beard has grown. Can I offer you a coupon for, like, um... ahhh... a beard trim?"

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A Memoir by Ed Vaughan

25 years of photography, sailing & SCUBA diving around the world.

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