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hasselblad 500elx camera used underwater

Hasselblad 500elx

All of the underwater photography made during our circumnavigation '87 to '93 was done with a Hasselblad™ 500ELX™ camera, Fujichrome™ Velvia™ 120 film ASA 100, Zeiss™ lenses, most often the F-Distagon f/3.5 30 mm CF and a SeaTite underwater housing from Australia. An Oceanic™ strobe, no longer available, provided lighting. Swedish engineers crafted the delicate 500ELX™, pictured at left, for studio portrait work on film (not digital at the time). It was, of course, designed to be used above water.

For six years I sweat and bled over this $10,000 camera, keeping sand and moisture out of it. I battled the boat's primitive refrigerator to keep exposed and unexposed film unspoiled in the always hot and humid tropical latitudes. I slaved on and hovered over the SeaTite™ aluminium underwater housing, made in Australia back then, as if I were a surgeon operating in a war zone. The entire expedition, sailing and photography combined, tortured me often during those six years, with 25 foot waves slamming the boat and tiny grains of sand pushing open an O ring. Since the Hasselblad format is 6X6 or two and quarter inches square, medium format, the digital scans (files) of these photos are between 3 and 6 Megabytes. The six year sail and photo shoot was neither inexpensive nor easy and I feel lucky to have had the means; the will and the luck to have completed it.

Nikon F2AS


Nikon F2AS
Many of the ABOVE WATER photos in this website were made with the superb Nikon F2AS. You can read about this camera HERE.


Panasonic HVX202AEN
After a year thinking about it, I chose the Panasonic HVX202AEN for my video work in Phuket. It was an excellent choice. Have a look at the videos it has made...

Panasonic HVX202AEN

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A Memoir by Ed Vaughan

25 years of photography, sailing & SCUBA diving around the world.

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