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first known proof of eagle rays schooling

Spotted Eagle Rays

A school of Spotted Eagle Rays shot in Hawaii, off the coast of Maui, in about 180 feet of water.

rolleimarin underwater housing Before this, no one knew that Eagle Rays schooled this way. I made this photo in 1979 with a German camera called Rolleiflex inside of an underwater housing called Rolleimarin (photo, right). The film used was Kodak High Speed Ektachrome. In 1982 this photo became the title page for a lovely table model book called The Audubon Society Book of Marine Wildlife. You can find it in most libraries in the U.S. It was also featured as the month of June in the 1982 Jacques Cousteau Calender "The Ocean World". For details about how this shot was captured, please click HERE and scroll down to "On Deck At 180 Feet".

Goathunters in Madagascar

goat hunters madagascar 1990

Goathunters on a small island off the west coast of Madagascar in 1990.
They refused to be photographed, by waving me away. They didn't speak English. Then, the leader, the fellow in the foreground, pointed at the roasted goat in front of him as if to offer it to me. Julie said, "Let them look through the camera!" and I gestured for them to have a look, which they did. I then took a bite of goat, it was delicious, and they relaxed and sat back as I photographed them. The shot was made with the Hasselblad 500ELX camera on a rare day outside of its underwater housing and on top of a sturdy tripod. Note the convex horizon caused by the use of a very wide angle lens.


The Kaneohe Yacht Club Marina in Hawaii in 1979. Made with a Nikon F2AS with Nikkor 50MM lens, Kodak Ektachrome film and a one minute exposure. While I was making this picture, a man I didn't know arrived, set up his tripod and camera, and started shooting the same view right next to me. We stood shoulder to shoulder for 20 minutes silently shooting this beautiful sight. Then, without a word, we packed up our gear and walked our separate ways. I have always wondered how his photos came out.

The Kaneohe Yacht Club Marina. Hawaii 1979.

Chagos Archipelago

chagos-archepelago 18 meters depth

Chagos Archipelago
About 60 feet down in the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. That's Julie Spencer in the background.
Hasselblad 500ELX. Fuji 100.


Chagos Archipelago
The Chagos Archipelago above water.
...Just as nice, if not nicer, than down below.
Hasselblad 500ELX on a tripod.

The Chagos Archipelago above water.

Mas Alegre anchored in Maramba Bay, Madagascar.


Maramba Bay, Madagascar.
Maramba Bay is mid way down the west coast of the island.
This was one of the most beautiful, primitive and interesting places we visited.
One day, I was down below when I heard a noise. I came up to see the dhao gliding by. There was almost no wind. They were doing about one knot.
I ran down, got my camera out of its case and ran up to get this shot.
It has always been one of my favorites.


Sea Whip
I was particularly pleased with this shot because I had chosen to backlight the subject with the sun and frontlight it with my flash. The light balance turned out perfectly. It was a good guess on my part.
I waited months to develop this, The Chagos is 1000 miles from the nearest civilization, and was very happy with the result.

Here is a "Sea Whip" or Gorgonian growing in about 50 feet of water in the Chagos Archepelego.

Pink Coral


Pink Coral
A beautiful soft coral somewhere in the Pacific. It was the color and texture that got me.


The Hermit Islands.
90 miles north of Papua New Guinea.

The Hermit Islands.

The Inside Passage between Ketchikan, Alaska and Victoria, British Columbia.


The Inside Passage between Ketchikan, Alaska and Victoria, British Columbia.
The horizontal white line in the center of the photo is fog!
Nikon F2AS. Ektachrome.


Lik Lik
This photo was taken by Mark Nelson a friend and neighbor in the marina in Hong Kong.
It's a shot of Lik Lik in the middle of a stretch and helping with Mark's computer. She's a good girl.

Lik Lik

Ship's Cat


Ship's Cat
In this photo, Lik Lik is thinking "Ed thinks I'm soooo cute. I think I'll go pee on his toothbrush." Nikon D70S.

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A Memoir by Ed Vaughan

25 years of photography, sailing & SCUBA diving around the world.

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