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Have a look at Phuket

From Hong Kong to Phuket | A Look at Phuket | Patong Beach, Phuket

yacht haven marina in phuket, thailand

Pictured here is Yacht Haven Marina at the northern end of Phuket Island. This is my favorite marina in Phuket.

roadsign in phuket, thailand
roadsign in phuket, thailand
bad traffic in phuket town
motor scooters in phuket town
the-kings portrait-and-the-crosswalk-in-phuket-thailand
Patong Street Foodcourt
the beach in front of patong city, phuket, thailand

And, of course, Phuket's got a tourist draw because of Patong Beach, where anything goes and everyone and night.
To see details of life on Patong Beach please click here: Patong Beach - PG 13.

Thailand is known worldwide for its healthy food and friendly smiles. A meal in this restaurant is about US $1.

inexpensive restaurant in phuket, thailand
swedish tourists in a boat in phuket, thailiand

Thailand's also known for its tourism. Just about everyone in Sweden comes here to holiday every year.

This is one of the Thai "longtail" boats that swarm around the tourist spots. Notice the engine sits atop a long tiller, at the end of which is a propellor. It's from these long tiller/propellors that Thai "longtail" boats get their name.

longtail boats in phuket, thailand
a buddhist temple and garden in phuket, thailand

Buddhism is without a doubt the source of the friendly nature of this country. Here is a photo of a heavily decorated Thai Buddhist temple and its fantastic garden.

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A Memoir by Ed Vaughan

25 years of photography, sailing & SCUBA diving around the world.

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