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                                          A Memoir by Ed Vaughan
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Ed with Lobster

That (above) is not Barry Snewin, it's me, Ed Vaughan, in about 1972.
Sadly, I have no photos of Barry who died, tragically, in an automobile accident in about 1971.
We were both in our late 20's back then.
Barry was trained as a chef, and loved to SCUBA dive, so he bought a chain of SCUBA shops in Los Angeles called Scuba Haus.
One of the shops was in Malibu, California where we met and became good friends.
I was an avid free diver back then (you hold your breath, dive down and spear a fish or catch a lobster or pry an abalone off a rock)
and, one day, Barry said to me, "Ed, I'll tell you what. Put on a tank and regulator" pointing to a tank and regulator in the corner of the shop
"and go out and catch a lobster. If you bring it back here alive, I'll give you a card to buy air so you can go get more of them!
Oh, and don't hold your breath, stay away from sharks, and
when you come up, follow your bubbles."
Those instructions were my SCUBA 'course' and I've been diving ever since.
Oh, I caught that lobster that day. It was about a 5 pounder like the one I am holding above.

A Memoir by Ed Vaughan

25 years of photography, sailing & SCUBA diving around the world.

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This website is dedicated to Barry M. Snewin who was my good friend and diving instructor.

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