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marital bliss and a gift cat in Hong Kong



October 26th, 2005:


After much heart wrenching discussion between Ed and Lik Lik, the cat, it has been decided that Lik Lik will take up residency with people she likes better than Ed!

In mid-November Ed Vaughan, Lewis Teague and Mr. Tom Stone will sail from Hong Kong to Phuket, Thailand. Lik Lik has agreed to stay behind and continue her really cushy life with Tasha and Aiden who are pictured here with the little princess.

Tasha snoozing on Aiden's shoulder

In fact, Tasha and Aiden were married today, October 26th and are receiving Lik Lik as a wedding gift. The marriage makes the threesome totally legitimate.

Here's Tasha getting a few Z's before the wedding while Aiden stays totally alert and ready to sign all invoices.

A Rough Schedule for Mas Alegre and, an Excellent Reason to sail to Hong Kong

Oct. 28, 2005

For anyone who might be interested, here is a list of the repairs, upgrades and additions I have done to Mas Alegre in Hong Kong over the past 8 months. This is the reason I sailed here. Hong Kong is a great place to do this kind of work.

  1. Re-galvanized the anchor and chain
  2. New hydraulic seals on the autopilot
  3. New Radar screen, Furuno
  4. Repaired B and G wind instruments
  5. New VHF radio - Icom
  6. New laptop computer - Fujitsu
  7. New calculator
  8. New Nikon D70S camera body
  9. New valve over toilet to break vacuum on Le Vac in case of emergency
  10. New LED flashlights
  11. New knives (sailing)
  12. 200 movies on DVD
  13. Sail repair (stitching on cover)
  14. Avon repair, small leak in port pontoon
  15. New digital fans in main salon
  1. Operation on Icom SSB radio to transmit on all frequencies
  2. New depth sounder
  3. New clothes
  4. Fujinon binoculars repaired
  5. New Makita batteries for power tools
  6. Repaired several power tools
  7. Repaired Makita vacuum
  8. New software for playing DVD's anywhere
  9. New referigeration switch
  10. New electric pump switch in galley
  11. Rebuilt freshwater hand pump in head
  12. New light 150% Genoa by Lee Sails
  13. New Sony car stereo for boat system
  14. Removed and replaced varnish in galley and main salon
  1. New LCD 19 inch flat screen for DVD movies
  2. Joined Hebe Haven Yacht Club for life. Never been in a yacht club before
  3. Created (which later became which has as of 2012 been superceded by my own website.)
  4. Replaced defective Weaver hatch which was sent from New Zealand free of charge by excellent company
  5. Purchased a new supply of rubber materials, several diameters, for hatch gasket replacement

2006 & Onward: Phuket, Thailand

December 21st, 2005: Arrived Phuket. To see some of Phuket, click HERE.

January, 2006: Repainted Mas Alegre topsides in Phuket at Boat Lagoon

April/May/June, 2006: Mas Alegre will be "On the hard" until late June. She is being dried out, prepped and painted by Pro Yachting in Boat Lagoon on Phuket Island. Work should be complete by July 1st 2006.

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A Memoir by Ed Vaughan

25 years of photography, sailing & SCUBA diving around the world.

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